• Degree in Biochemistry from Oxford University

  • 9 years as Strategy Consultant (Accenture, IMS Health, Independent Consultant)

  • 4 years as Head of Research Strategy for Cancer Research UK

  • Professional Coaching Skills (Part 1 Diploma in Coaching) from Coaching Development (ICF* accredited training programme) 

*International Coaching Federation

I'm a London mum of two: a boy aged 2 and a girl aged 5. Having spent 13 successful years working in a faced paced, high stress environment as a life sciences strategy consultant, I eventually made the decision to slow my life down, find and follow my true passion and spend a bit more time with the kids before they grow up in the blink of an eye. I love working with individuals to bring about positive change - unlocking your potential and getting you unstuck - so that you can live your best possible life.

I'm particularly passionate about working with parents to help them navigate the difficult transitions of parenthood and find greater balance, harmony and joy in their parenting journey and beyond. My own parenting journey hasn't all been a smooth and easy ride and I'm well aware of the constant juggling act between career and family life. I truly believe the answer is different for everyone – and I want to help you find your own way. 


I'm passionate about maternal wellbeing as I know first hand how easy it is for mothers to put themselves last. Through my blog, Keeping Mum Mighty my aim is to reassure other mothers they are not alone in the struggles of motherhood, advocate the importance of selfcare for mums and share some of the tips, tools and strategies that I have learned on my own journey and that help keep me Mighty!

I believe a Mighty Mum is a happier and more confident mum and that typically means happier and more confident kids - or at least mum better able to cope with a difficult child. 

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