Sara Campin

Personal & Professional Development Coach

Helping parents achieve their personal AND professional goals, find greater balance and harmony and live their best lives.

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"Sara provided a safe space that allowed me to work through my thoughts and challenges. At no point did I ever feel that I was being judged or influenced. Sara was friendly yet professional. Speaking to Sara became a highlight of the week as it created a sense of still and calm for the rest of the day." - Sarah Mumford

Are you struggling to be your best at home and at work?
Are you wondering how you can be both the parent and partner you always wanted to be and still achieve your personal & professional objectives?
Are you excited about the work opportunities ahead of you, but worried about their potential impact on your personal objectives and family life?
Are you lacking confidence returning to work after time out with the kids?
Do you feel like you are undervalued or overlooked at work now you're a parent?
Do you feel trapped in a job you no longer feel passionate about?
Are you keen to find work that you can fit around the kids but don't know where to start?
Are you struggling to navigate the transition from a demanding career to a new parent?

Do you feel like you are on a constant treadmill and constantly exhausted?


Are you wondering whether life will ever slow down?


Are you a parent trying to get a new business off the ground?


Are you killing it at work, but your kids hardly know you and/or you and your partner are like ships that pass in the night?


Are you muddling along OK but with an underlying feeling of discontent?


Did you always think you would be a calm and loving parent, but you find you have little patience and are constantly irritated or frustrated at home and work?


Are you sometimes consumed by feelings of guilt which are difficult to shift?

"Sara's coaching style combined a lively energy and empathy with just the right level of challenge that enabled me to hold myself accountable and make some real progress on the issues we worked through together." - Robin Ancrum

I work with parents to help them live their best possible lives.

I believe everyone has the potential to achieve both their personal and professional ambitions. I can help you unlock your potential, so you can live your best life possible. Let me help you get unstuck, shift those feelings of discontent and find the best way forward that really works for you. 
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"Sara's inquisitive and supportive style worked really well for me and I would highly recommend her as a coach." - Hazel Cercernuda


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