Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coaching?

Coaching involves partnering with you in a thought provoking and creative process to help you maximise your personal and professional potential. It supports personal & professional growth based on self-initiated change in the pursuit of specific actionable outcomes. My belief is that you are the expert in your life – my assumption as a coach is therefore that you are capable of generating your own solutions. Whilst I may bring to the table supportive information or discovery based approaches and frameworks as needed, my role as a coach is to help you facilitate positive personal change, unlock your potential and help you find the best way forward that really works for you.

How is coaching different to mentoring?

A mentor is typically an expert who provides wisdom & guidance based on their own experiences. As your coach I wont be giving you advice or counselling, instead I will focus on helping you reach your own objectives with solutions that work for you. If I have factual information that may be useful to share with you that could help you reach your goal, I will of course offer this to you if it is deemed relevant.

How is coaching different to therapy?

Coaching focuses on the pursuit of future goals, as opposed to therapy which typically explores the past. Whilst we might touch on past experiences during our discussions, the primary focus is to help you create actionable strategies to achieve your specific and personal work or life goals.

How is coaching different to consulting?

A consultant's role is typically to diagnose a problem and prescribe, and in some cases implement, solutions. As a coach my assumption is that you are capable of generating your own solutions, whilst I may bring to the table supportive, discovery based approaches and frameworks as needed.

What might a typical coaching relationship look like?

Coaching typically begins with an initial 1:1 meeting to explore your understanding & expectations of coaching, the scope of the potential relationship as well as the practicalities/logistics. Contact me to book your free, non-judgemental, non-committal 1:1 consultation.  


If we then agree to move forward with the coaching relationship, I would then typically share with you an initial pre-session questionnaire to complete that will help provide some context for our first session. Following that we would then perform a number of sessions, either in person or by phone / video. Between scheduled coaching sessions, we may agree on some specific actions for you to complete to support your personally prioritised goals. And if relevant, I may share some further information or resources that may be useful to you.

How much time will each coaching session take?

I typically schedule hour long sessions, however this may depend on your needs and how often we meet. 

How long will a coaching relationship last? 

The duration of the coaching relationship will vary depending on your needs and preferences. However to ensure the greatest impact I would recommend a minimum of 4 sessions.

How frequently would we meet?

The frequency of sessions can be tailored to your needs, but for 1 hour sessions I would typically aim to meet a couple of times a month. 

How or where would we meet?

Sessions can be conducted either in person or by phone or video. My preference is to meet for at least the initial consultation either in person (in London) or by video call, however this depends on the situation and is flexible. Further in-person sessions may possible in central and South West London. The most appropriate approach will be discussed and agreed during the initial consultation. 

What else is useful to know?

The impact of coaching is not limited to the session itself, it is often following the sessions that the greatest learnings and impact is brought to bear. It can also be a bit of a rollercoaster journey, some sessions may seem hugely valuable- others less so, at least initially. This is important because some level of frustration at points in the process are not unusual, but this can often be where the greatest learnings come.

What are your prices/packages?

Please contact me for prices and packages.