My Coaching Philosophy:

In this high pressure, fast paced, digital world, so many of us live our lives on auto-pilot, limiting our true potential both in the work place and at home. I believe that we all hold so much power and potential within us, that just needs to be helped out. I believe that when we connect with our core values and true desires and take meaningful action, magical things really can happen.  When we deepen our self-awareness, understand our strengths and unpick our limiting beliefs, we really can overcome challenge, make progress towards meaningful goals and start living our best lives.


My Credentials

  • MBiochem, Oxford University

  • 9 years as Strategy Consultant (Accenture, IMS Health, Independent Consultant)

  • 4 years as Head of Research Strategy for Cancer Research UK

  • Founder of the Nourish app - a multidisciplinary wellbeing app for mothers

  • Professional Coaching Skills Training, Coaching Development 

  • 2 years Personal & Professional  Development Coaching

  • Mum of 2 (aged 7 & 5)

*International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited training programme

What you can expect from me:

  • Confidentiality

  • Professional integrity

  • Honesty

  • Objectivity

  • No judgement

  • Support & encouragement

  • Commitment

  • Challenge – to expand your thinking

  • Challenge – to expand your self-awareness

  • Accountability

  • Adherence to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics

What I expect from you:

  • Openness & honesty

  • Creation of a coaching agenda based on personally meaningful goals

  • Commitment to the process

  • The courage to reach for more than before


"The past 12 months have brought some significant challenges. Despite being surrounded by loved ones who were keen to support, I found that I was not being listened to. Coaching was exactly what I needed. It enabled me to gain clarity and make some decisions that I had been struggling with. Sara provided a safe space that allowed me to work through my thoughts and challenges. At no point did I ever feel that I was being judged or influenced. Sara was friendly yet professional. Speaking to Sara became a highlight of the week as it created a sense of still and calm for the rest of the day." - Sarah Mumford

"My work-life balance was all wrong.  I made very little time for exercise and looking after me, which was starting to negatively affect my health and I'd gained quite a bit of weight.  Sara helped me move forward with a practical plan that worked specifically for me and more importantly I felt energised to do.  It's made such a difference.  Sara's inquisitive and supportive style worked really well for me and I would highly recommend her as a coach." - Hazel Cercernuda

"Working full time in Learning and Development, I spend a lot of time consulting with other people about how to change their performance and improve their results. I'm not so successful at applying good advice to myself, too often wallowing in fruitless inner debate or making fine decisions which I then fail to put into action. Sara's coaching style combined a lively energy and empathy with just the right level of challenge that enabled me to hold myself accountable and make some real progress on the issues we worked through together." - Robin Ancrum